Power Plant

JEL has participated in more than 130 power plant projects with a combined generating capacity of over 60,000MW in over 20 countries. The types of power plants constructed included Oil-Fired, Coal-Fired (including Super Critical Boiler), Gas-Fired , Combined Cycle, Cogeneration, Diesel, Hydro Electric, Nuclear and Waste-to-Energy (Incineration plant) and Geo-Thermal Power Plants.

Oil Fired/Coal Fired Thermal
Cogeneration Plant
Waste to Energy Plant
Biomass Power Plant
Independent Water & Power
Geo Thermal Power Plants

Industrial Plant

Completed more than 650 non-power plants projects (fertilizer, cement, steel, refinery, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, desalination, water treatment, ASU, etc.)

Fertilizer Plant
Steel Plant
Cement Plant
Petrochemical Plant
Desalination Plant
Water Treatment Plant
Transportation System

Civil Works

It’s main role is to provide civil construction technique and jointly operate with JEL’s Construction Center and EPC Center for execution of civil related works. This is also one way of satisfying our customers’ needs of having a one stop service.

Power Plant
Steel Plant
Petrochecmical Plant
Waste Water Treatment


In the recent years, JEL has focused on its fabrication activities mainly in Pipe and Pipe Support fabrication which is to complement our Erection Subcontract. JEL is currently operating two workshops facilities: JEL Workshop (Singapore) and the Thai Jurong Engineering Limited Fabrication Shop (Thailand).

The network of workshops are fully integrated and strategically located to complement JEL´s regional and global activities. This provides an added advantage to respond to our global customers quickly and more competitively.

Super Duplex Stainless Steel
Piping Fabrication
Pipe Spool
Fit-up Work
Welding Process
Blasting & Painting
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