Health, Safety & Environment

The Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) requirements by many clients, the national HSE regulations as well as international ISOs standards which JEL have been subscribing to for more than 20 years, have been continuously raised to higher levels or change to suit the work condition. The increase in HSE requirements and standards have indirectly pushed JEL and all its subsidiaries to improve further, otherwise JEL will be left behind and not be competitive. Nevertheless, looking ahead, as all these changes in HSE requirements, is meant for improving our workers safety and health and to maintain a sustainable work to the environment, JEL will keep abreast with all the changes and demands by the clients and will continuously improve its HSE management system.

In its commitment to improve JEL’ HSE management system to suit the current conditions, JEL management had introduced and expeditiously carried several activities which include monthly JEL Group HSE Committee meetings together with all subsidiary Directors and including HSE teleconferences and HSE Committee meetings with its parent company in Japan. In increasing safety culture amongst JEL Group, JEL had organised annual HSE Conferences with all subsidiary companies where key management staff and the HSE Managers attending the event present their HSE performances as well as measures on improving their HSE management.

In its goal to maintaining consistency in HSE management requirements amongst all its subsidiary companies, JEL had introduced several share portals in its intranet system such as HSE training materials which are customised design to suit JEL work activities and HSE forms and risk assessments as well as a special share portal will be developed soon on sharing of HSE posters / banners artworks for HSE awareness and promotions. All these materials are shared with all JEL Group of Companies representatives, for standardisation, consistency, and efficiency. 

In increasing HSE knowledge amongst staff at all workplaces, JEL has developed an e-learning programme on Health, Safety and Environment (HSE). The e-learning training portal is created via intranet system and accessible by JEL employees around the globe, so as long as there is internet connection available. The HSE training material are carefully developed by JEL HSE Department to suit JEL construction business operation, with the intention to increase HSE awareness amongst JEL employees. Having a knowledgeable workforce in HSE at the workplace is crucial in order to prevent accident and at the same time become an asset to the company.

For ensuring all JEL and subsidiary companies are working safely, maintaining good health with good and sustainable environmental practices at the workplaces, JEL HSE Department initiates periodical visits to project sites and offices to inspect, conduct internal HSE audits and provide continuous support to all workplaces to promote a culture of ‘prevention is better than cure’ in all its efforts to prevent accidents and environmental damage.

As evidence of hard work and dedication of its Management and staff, JEL and subsidiary companies had received several safety awards from our clients as well as at national level, in recognition for maintaining exemplary high level of safety at the worksites. In motivating and expressing gratitude to all management and staff in carrying proper and good safety practices at their workplaces, JEL management had given special awards during the annual staff day.

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