2023 Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer New Year Message

As we bid farewell to the eventful year that is 2022, I would like to start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

The year 2022 was marked with challenges and opportunities. Despite the formidable business climate, our financial book is healthy and business operations remain robust. I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to the management and all employees for your outstanding work, diligence, and contribution to the JEL Group. Business activities picked up with a fervour as the COVID-19 pandemic was declared an endemic. We witnessed the achievement of historic milestones whereby we successfully secured 2 major contracts valued over SGD1 billion – Batu Hijau Combined Cycle Power Plant Project and Keppel Advanced Gas Turbine Cogeneration Combined Cycle Plant. Once completed, these projects serve to bolster our portfolio and we will become even more capable of taking on ambitious projects.

Throughout the year, we have both forged and rekindled partnerships. I would like to extend my appreciation to all the partners we have collaborated with, and I thank you for the enduring support and faith in us. I hope the coming year will present us with the opportunities to take our partnership to greater heights.

Employees are undeniably pivotal to our continued success as a company. With the initiation of the JEL Wellness Exchange – a one-stop program for staff to easily access resources and programs aimed at promoting health and wellness in JEL, I hope all employees will take advantage of this platform and become healthier. I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate all employees who have completed or is currently furthering their studies through our JEL Study Award.

As a JEL Group, we will continue to synergise our efforts towards the group integration of our subsidiaries and JEL HQ while simultaneously amplifying our presence through regionalization with the formation of regional business centres. We shall also continue to penetrate new business markets while leveraging on emerging markets and channel resources to strengthening our engineering capabilities. Safety will always be our utmost priority and we are committed in safeguarding our quality and safety standards.

As a group, we are resolute in accelerating our efforts in the meaningful adoption of Internet of things and Innovation to enhance our operations.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to the management, employees, and partners, without whom, the success of 2022 would not have been possible. As we march on to 2023, I am assured that the projects we have completed and secured in 2022 are steppingstones for us to prove and build our capabilities with the successful execution of our secured projects. I am confident our extensive experience and our “Rise to the Challenge” spirit will place us as the preferred global partner at the forefront of innovating for a sustainable future.

With that, I wish you and your loved ones a fruitful year of health, immense joy, and prosperity!

Koichi Watanabe
Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
January 2023

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