Quality & Risk Mgt

Quality & Risk Mgt

In JEL, Risk Management Department (“RMD”) oversees Risk Management and Quality System Management. Its focus on the compliance and continuous improvement on internal controls, risk management, and quality management in JEL Group of Companies.

Regular review and assessment exercises are conducted within JEL and its Subsidiaries to ensure that functional components such as corporate governance, risk management, internal control, and quality assurance are in place, put into practise and complied with by all employees. RMD team takes proactive stance towards the managing of project risk and the delivery of quality and defect free products to our client. The team also visits project sites under various stages of construction spanning across the region to perform internal assessment and audit on site operations.

The key success factor in Risk Management is to ensure that a strong culture and awareness of risks pervade every layer of staff in the JEL Group of Companies. Likewise, deliver defect free product and project on time are the key success factors of the Group.


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