Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety & Environment

JEL and its subsidiaries have, through the dedication of its Management and staff, received several awards from our clients in recognition for maintaining exemplary levels of safety at the worksites as well as being able to be committed to maintaining a high level of service excellence and efficiency during the course of our projects.

It is known to many in our line of business that workplace safety takes priority above all other aspects of work. With the industry and international standards of safety being raised from time to time, it is not surprising that education and good industry practices need to be instilled and exercised by our staff and workers. This can be done by reinforcing our safety processes to identify, assess, eliminate safety threats and instill good safety behaviors consistently in the workplace.

JEL Health, Safety and Environment (“HSE”) Department conducts regular trainings for JEL safety personnel consisting of various nationalities. During trainings, they were taught to raise the safety awareness, practices, and other safety requirements at the workplace including personal protection equipment, common hazards, health and environmental practices, as well as prevention of illness at work sites.

As JEL and its subsidiaries continue to expand its business overseas, maintaining workplace safety and conducting safety activities becomes an ever-increasing challenge as each nationality is unique in both culture and language. To overcome the cultural hurdles, the HSE department sources and also develops various training materials for the distribution to the work sites for regular safety training.

In order to build on the culture of safety, HSE Department conducts annual HSE Conference, where all safety personnel and the key management of our subsidiaries to share information are invited, ideas and approaches to ensure safe and responsible execution of our work.

Moreover, JEL HSE Department initiates periodical visits to project sites and offices to inspect, audit and promotes safe practices at the workplace as it is our firm belief that all accidents and injuries are preventable.

JEL HSE Department is committed to raise environmental awareness and to ensure that much care is given to the environment that we work in.


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