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JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel

JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel

Event Date: 03 September 2014
Event Name: “JEL Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festivel”


The Mid-Autumn Festival is also known as the Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival.  This popular festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, and is widely celebrated by the Chinese community in Singapore. Every year in Chinatown, the centre stage of the celebration, the streets are brightly lit with colourful lanterns and other dazzling decorations. Mooncakes are eaten during the festival. They are round, come in various flavours, and symbolise the unity and reunion of a family.

Close to the festival, many events are organised by different groups such as Chinese associations, residential communities, government and business organisations. There are activities such as Chinese culture performances, games, lantern-making competitions, and mooncake and Chinese tea appreciation under the moonlit sky. This is also an occasion for most families to gather around to enjoy dinner and mooncakes with their loved ones. Mooncakes are commonly presented as well-wishing gifts to business associates, parents and elders.

On 3rd September 2014, JEL’s Social & Recreation Committee (SRC) organised a Mid-Autumn Festival celebration. As part of the event, a short skit depicting the tale of the Mid-Autumn Festival was performed by SRC members, who acted as Chang Er, Hou Yi and Feng Meng. It was an enlivening performance, punctuated by lots of laughter and cheers from the audience. The staff enjoyed the performance wholeheartedly and eagerly took pictures with the performers.
Staff were then treated to pomelos and a varied spread of mooncakes. Other than the traditional baked mooncakes, there was a good mix of snowskin mooncakes, mooncakes stuffed with nuts, fruits and chocolate, and of course, the all-time favourite—durian-flavoured mooncakes!

It was a successful event and an enjoyable experience for JEL’s staff. They not only got a chance to gather and enjoy each other’s company, but also learned the story behind the Mid-Autumn Festival through an entertaining skit, and savoured pomelos and the wide variety of mooncakes.